Self-Study Online Course Extension

Self-Study Online Course Extension

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As a valued 280 Group customer, this extension provides returning clients an additional one year access to the self-study online course.

The extension includes:
Additional 12-month access to the course from 280 Group
AIPMM membership
Course Certification Exam through AIPMM 

*Course extension eligibility requirements in the last 18 months
Must have attended in-person Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing
Registered for the same self-study course

 If eligibility isn’t confirmed post purchase, a full refund is issued within 1 business day.


"Taking the course was like completing a mini-MBA but focused entirely on Product Management and the Product Lifecycle."

   Alexander Rojinski

   Product Manager
   Transplant Connect

"I wish all of our Product Managers would go through this training. It would have us all speaking the same language and understanding the same processes."

   Paul Nelson

   Product Manager
   Johnson Controls